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Somewhat new to area. Used a couple plumbers before you guys. No more! Fantastic company and your people are great! All I can say is Thank You!
Doug D, Hot Springs Village

I could not be happier with the way they did the job. They worked with me on the price and from the time I gave them the ok, the job was completed within 4 hours. All three of them that installed the hot water were professional from start to finish.
Phillip E, Hot Springs Village

Plumber was extremely personable and went out of his way to show me energy tips such as turning off hot water when gone for an extreme length of time.
Mary G, Hot Springs

Nick was here on time and did the job in no time at all. Very happy with services. Hear your ad on KVRE all the time.
Tracey F, Hot Springs Village

Josh Kizer was a thorough professional, clean, well-mannered, and respectful. He got right to work after showing me the problem and how much it would cost (with my permission). He did great work and cleaned up completely when he was done. Would definitely recommend.
Jacqueline C, Bismarck

I used them a second time and was just as pleased as I was on their first visit. I enjoy their services very much. Thank you!
Donna Y, Hot Springs Village

Plumber NICK showed up during the first 30 minutes of their two-hour window. Put "booties" on before entering the house, each and every time; and proceeded to investigate my two primary problems with enthusiasm and thoroughly explained the company's procedures. Prices were discussed and accepted, prior to any repairs . . . NICK did a great job, cleaned up after himself, and I was very satisfied with the quick response (call one day, faucets repaired the next); and the professionalism of NICK.
Calvin H, Hot Springs Village

We are 3 years into owning our first house, and can honestly say this is the first time we didn't feel like we got the short end of the stick. After getting sky high quotes I called the ad in the phonebook that said "Background checks performed". The service rep arrived within an hour, and an hour later my "plumbing nightmare" turned into "I have clean water". I am a walking commercial for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.
Clayton H, Hot Springs

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing helped me with a busted sprinkler line. The plumber did not just fix the problem, but actually helped me service my sprinkler system. I found them on Angie's List. It was a reasonable price. They were a lot of help to me. I am new to a sprinkler system; I have never had one before. He went beyond. They are very personable and the plumber who came out was very nice. He was very willing to help and was informative. With regard to price, I felt comfortable paying them.
Wade D, Hot Springs

I highly recommend this company to help fix all of your plumbing needs. We were in town visiting relatives, when we came across some problems that needed to be addressed ASAP. I spoke with Tommy about our clogged bathtub issues, and he quickly dispatched a technician to help us. He gave us an ETA of 30 minutes but the technician arrived in 15 minutes.

Josh was very professional - he assessed the situation, explained our options, and wrote up a fair estimate. They provided exceptional workmanship, were thorough in solving the problem, and also identified problems that we overlooked. They were able to find a solution for a house whose old plumbing architecture is a maze to navigate through. We were very pleased with the results and were glad they came to save us!
Miss Z, Malvern



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